Lay Liturgical Ministries

Interested in serving during the Mass? Send us an email at or talk to an officer before or after Mass.

Altar Server

The altar server, or acolyte, assists the priest during the Mass. They help set the altar, receive the gifts of bread and wine, and hold the missal for the priest..


The lector’s duty is to prayerfully proclaim the Word of God. They must stand in front of the congregation and confidently read from the Bible, announcing the Good News.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

The extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, or Eucharistic minister, helps the priest distribute Holy Communion. Given the normal congregation size, typically only one minister is needed each week to offer the chalice with the Precious Blood of Christ to those who are coming to receive.


The greeter stands at the entrance to Moloney Hall welcoming all those who are coming to the Liturgy.


See the page on the CSU choir for more information on sharing your talents as a singer or musician.